Phenomenal Year for BigData Warehousing

Data warehousing is not a new concept, however, 2015 marks a very special year in the field. With unprecedented growth in the Internet of Things (IoT), customer relationship marketing (CRM), smart data recovery and hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP), it goes without saying that data warehousing is also evolving to keep pace. use all of those skills together while still being able to demonstrate the results to non-technical audiences."

The Basics of Modern Enterprise Data Warehouses

2015 marks the beginning of the Modern Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), which encompasses a much wider scope of analytics provided by powerful IT innovations. This allows data warehousing technologies to be scalable and fit-for-purpose, as well as allowing a tighter integration of information with advanced analytics, democratization and BI dashboards.

Common traits include:

  • Hadoop-based data lakes are replacing landing areas and ETL hubs
  • IT-supplied dashboards are being pushed aside by self-service analytics
  • The foundation is built to include data governance processes
  • Dedicated boxes are now an antique as pooled compute infrastructure is commonplace
  • The new rule of thumb is for data ecosystems to utilize 'best fit' DBMS
  • "Shadow IT" and Enterprise IT are now working together

With the evolution taking place in big data warehousing, data can now be actively mined as it is received. With the data warehouse becoming more of a logical layer than a physical archive, the logical data warehouse layer is designed to receive information from the new generation of ETL tools and process the data with the new analytics tools.

With IT and business operating on faster levels than ever before, data warehouses are now capable of providing companies with real time, on-demand insights that can help them make smarter strategy decisions on a dime. However, experts are predicting still more changes to come.

1. Enterprise data warehouses are feeling the pressure to keep up with innovations in development, architecture and operations (mainly from Hadoop induced competition).

- Enterprise Management's Managing Research Director BI, John L. Myers

2. Data warehousing will become something that, like electricity, will just always be there without you having to worry or think about it.

- BIME Analytics Co-Founder & CEO, Rachel Delacour

3. Enterprises will begin to use data in their day-to-day operations as "operational data warehouses" can go beyond reports and dashboards to combine multiple sources of data in real time.

- MarkLogic's VP of Engineering, David Gorbet

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