PRICING DataRains has made all the difference to our business. It is the most reliable business analytics software with reporting, dashboards, discovery data, statistical models, big data analytics, maps BI and mobile reporting platform accessible on all devices. No one can deliver the relevant insights to their customers as quickly and efficiently as we do. Looking for DataRains' pricing details? Our customized pricing packages will help you get the right analytic solutions for your business.



The ultimate shared hosting solutions!

  • It is an offering is ideal for individuals who need the flexibility and freedom yet want to access corporate business intelligence and share insights with wider communities

Standard Offering

High performance cloud platform!

  • This package is suitable for mid-sized businesses or workgroups that need to be up and running efficiently with a business intelligence solution that is easy to install and manage.

Advanced Offering

The ultimate shared hosting solutions!

  • This is a suitable plan for organizations that need business intelligence to meet strategic objectives that span multiple business units, functions, and levels.

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