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Take data analytics to the next level; plan, optimize, and deploy your business analytics with AllAboutData services. We have the expertise, tools and methodologies you need to use analytics to the full potential. The evolving technology, the constantly changing business models and the explosion of data the business environment are affecting the business environment. At AllAboutData, we provide solutions to enable enterprises to bridge the growing gap between technology and business.
AllAboutData exclusive services coupled with expert solutions and support services ensure that your organization gets the perfect set of components to help you turn insight into action.
Maximize the return on your analytics investments with AllAboutData services. Our mainframe offloading solutions deliver up to 75% in cost savings without compromising on performance.

Our services provide enterprise businesses with the insights to analyze the preceding, optimize the present and make tactical decisions for the future.

We have standard Dashboards, Reports, Discovery and Standard Statistical models. Customer data will be amended to fit into these solutions. We have the expertise to help you deliver increased business efficiencies and also provide the potential for improved performance and increase profitability real-time. AllAboutData out-of-box solutions will help you achieve rapid time to value with a seamless software deployment, migration, and upgrade. Minimize IT costs, streamline technology implementations, and improve user adoption with our standard solutions.
Our standard models provide complete solutions designed to help you meet the dynamic and constantly changing business demands through data utilization and sophisticated business intelligence and analytics.

We will build custom dashboards, reports, discovery and standard statistical models according to the customers' data. Our custom solutions will help you obtain and implement a custom analytics infrastructure and strategy. We integrate enterprises and fast-track value through advanced data management approaches and solutions.
AllAboutData custom solutions enable organizations to make data-driven decisions to bring an appreciable difference to the business. We work with all sizes of businesses since we understand that the need for custom solutions to solve unique and individual business problems can be best addressed with an optimized combination of integrated assessment, implementation, and analytics.

AllAboutData is ready to support those businesses that are looking to leverage data in exceptional ways for deeper insights and a bigger competitive advantage with their preferred choice of services. In this model, customers can pick their choice of services from dashboards, reporting, statistical models, Big-data, Mobile business intelligence. These services use new technology, metrics, and processes to drive continuous performance improvements and are intended to extend enterprise performance management, business intelligence, and predictive capabilities. By combining business intelligence, analytics frameworks and a defining strategy and solution architecture, these services will help you find solutions to problems and deliver answers.

Pick a service of your choice and enable your organization to identify the appropriate data for its analytical needs, ensure timely and accurate data is made available in the right platform and that the right solutions are available to leverage the platform for deeper business insights.
AllAboutData services will help in delivering powerful data solutions to make it easy and fast to gather, analyze and organize data and get it to those who need it. We have the most comprehensive platform for data-centric business analytics solutions in the world.
Allow us to boost the collective intelligence of your business in a unique way to drive smarter processes, improve performance, and achieve your set objectives!